Please note: We will be glad to accept press packages that include such contents as a biography, photographs, merchandise, etc. We will accept concert tickets to your shows if these tickets are not otherwise obtainable at the show. Sending us an email with just a link to your MySpace page is not going to get you played at WP 88.7. We need to know what specific tracks you want us to consider. We do not put entire albums into rotation.

Promoters / Agents: For Charting Purposes: We only accept music from promoters and labels who chart their music through CMJ. Because of the large volume of music we receive weekly from CMJ artists, we cannot take the time to deal with artists who we cannot chart. For more information on CMJ, go to

Please submit all other music addressed to: Local Music Director. Music that is not charted is now open for consideration for air play, but must be submitted to the proper department.

Brave New Radio champions local music. We play songs by local artists every hour and in all different genres.

WP 88.7 gets the majority of its music from record labels and promoters representing record labels.

Bands: The only music we accept directly from individual artists comes from artists hailing from the listening area of our radio station. Please DO NOT send us music if you are not from one of the following states: New Jersey, New York or Connecticut.

We accept music from local artists in CD format and digital format (*.WAV,*. Mp3)

Send your CD to:
Local Music Director
WP 88.7 FM
300 Pompton Road
Wayne, NJ 07470

Send Digital Formats via email to:

When submitting music make sure to include the following information:
Email and phone number of the artist
Genre of music
Tracklisting specifying which tracks are recommended and which tracks contain profanity A list of venues the artist has played at or will play at “Locals Only” segments occur once an hour.