wpsc braveathon 2012 photo

Photo by Josh Pomponio


The Braveathon is our annual fundraising event. For 15 hours we are joined by 15 bands playing LIVE from our studios! We bring the best local bands to your ears, and hope that in return you can give us your support.

Brave New Radio also has several rare and unique items we raffle off throughout the day, including autographed posters, limited edition T-shirts, concert tickets, etc.

Our inaugural Braveathon in 2009 was a great success. Over the course of 15 hours, we were joined by Dead By Wednesday, Bern and the Brights, Tiger Scout, One Short Fall, The Eighth Sea and Jamie Gerard just to name a few.

For our second annual Braveathon, we teamed up with WPTV-6 to broadcast the Braveathon on radio and campus cable TV! The bands on our roster for 2010 were Waking Lights, Murph, Reinvent Me, Jersey Fresh, Exotic Aquatic, Exit She Calls, My Arcadia, Fantazma, My Eyes Fall Victim, Fall to the Queen, Van Damme and Flying at Hendon.

In 2011 we again collaborated with WPTV-6 and all proceeds went to WPSC and WPTV-6. Great thanks to Passing Planets, Reverse Order, Sexy Heroes, Hands on the Stereo, Viking Viking Viking, Escape Directors, Lipstick and Cigarettes, I Am Fighting, Legend of the Fall, Audio Insight, Clamfight and The Doomsday Prophecy for rocking out thes 2011 Braveathon!

On March 30, 2012 we added hip hop into our mix for the first time and it was great! Thanks to The Nico Blues, Sami Eldebs, John Todd Erwin, Standstill, Harsimus Cove, Feudalism, Any Time Today, Yes Virginia, Shout Out The Crowd, The Tonight Life, Sons of Paterson, Polo Moe and Vextion!

The 2013 Brave-a-thon went back to straight FM and featured Wyland, Tigerman, Relentless Babies, Julian Fulton and the Zombie Gospel, Ola Madrid, Dad Brother, Cherry Sea, Cotton, All Sensory Void, Christian Diana, Joe Gehrman, Autobiography of Man, and M.R. Smith. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Last year's Brave-a-thon, again in the comfy living room of WPSC, featured Pescadora, A. Hausner, Feli Fame, the Schwam, Ashes to Rain, Everything Ever, Secret Mountain, Hodera, Talking with Plants, Semiotics, Have a Good Season, Boxed Wine, DOS4GW, GDP, Shape and Rosegold.

This year's Brave-a-thon takes place on April 17 and the revolution will be televised! The current line-up includes I Tried to Run Away When I Was 6, Iridium, Tron & DVD, Overeasy, Cool Shark, the Blancos, Forever Lesbians, Grand Mariner, YJY, Hey Anna, Fight For Your Friends, We're Ghosts Now and Osaka.