Current Braveology DJs:


Braveology is Brave New Radio's signature sound.

Braveology is simply the best in college rock. Braveology is the home of indie rock and alternative music! Our unique formula, with just the right mix of new and independent artists, provides for great listening and great exposure for artists you won’t hear on commercial radio. From 9am to 5pm every Monday through Friday, tune in to get your indie fix!

When we say we play more new music than any other station, we mean it! This is truly Brave New Radio – not for the timid or undiscerning listener. We don’t regurgitate commercial radio station chart-toppers. We play the good stuff!

Our DJs even play songs by local artists. If you live in the North Jersey area and are in a band, click the “Locals Only” link for our submission guidelines. You might just hear yourself on our airwaves!